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Links to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) declassified documents hosted by U.S. Government agencies, private citizens, educational institutions and non-profit groups and Wikileaks non-authorized sources. 

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Jérôme Mellon
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U.S. Department of Justice
FOIA Declassified Release Logs
  Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Selected FOIA Declassified CIA Files
Special Collections Online
U.S. Department of Defense
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NSA Files
Mary Ferrell Foundation
Assassination and Clandestine
Policy Archives
  Juarez Mexico Serial Killer Files 
Ciudad Juarez Femicide
Declassification Project
Assassination Archives and Research Center
Assassination Archives
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Texas Tech University
Military Legal Resources
War Crimes and Military Law
US Judge Advocate General(JAG)
  Federation of American Scientists (FAS)
Project on Government Secrecy
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Cold War Digital Archive
Wilson Center
Unredacted Classified Files
National Security Archive
George Washington University
Repository for files on freedom of speech,
cryptography, spying, and surveillance.
Black Vault Research Center
FOIA Declassified Releases
  Cuban Information Archives
US Intelligence and
Cuban Exile Activities


Lee Harvey Oswald in Russsia
An unauthorized history
  Serial Killers
A definitive history of serial homicide
by Peter Vronsky
Battle of Ridgeway
The hidden history of
Canada's first modern battle
  Disappearance of Ambrose Small
Case Closed on Canada's
Crime of the 20th Century
Toronto Police History History of the Toronto Police
Early History of the Toronto Police
(Five parts)
  Toronto Notorious Toronto Notorious
Crime Scene Photography in Historic Toronto

InvestigativeHistory.com links to online resources, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) declassified documents, primary sources, unauthorized leaks, Wikileak sites and other online research tools edited by Peter Vronsky, Ph.d.